10 Interesting Google features that you don’t know.

10 Interesting Google features that you don’t know as New York Times (News Desk) says The world’s biggest search engine Google of billions of daily Web sites to find the required information and turns.

This search engine so complex and large amount of data and information that leads to billions of humans to see the power and speed of the human intellect is stunned. There are 10 interesting Google features and secrets Google to know that they will indeed be shocked.


10 Interesting Google features that you don’t know

  1. Whenever you search on Google, if no information from the second part of the answer is simple, although the interesting features keeping almost 200 billion investigated the potential consequences.
  2. Of Google’s many Web sites made his name misspelled as Googlr.com, gogle.com, gooogle.com forth.
  3. On Google search for information every second is 20 million.
  4. Most people use Google billions project, but some are also a limited number of people who use Google as a limited use Y “Cherokee” in language that can be used.
  5. Google owners Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 made the first Google Doodle.
  6. Incurred on Google search queries data is more than 100,000,000 gigabytes.
  7. Google is the only website that is trying to spend the least time on it.
  8. To Google Maps Street View images taken 50 million miles of roads.
  9. Google buying new companies takes about three months.
  10. Hours 6 billion Google-owned YouTube videos are watched every month.

There were the 10 interesting Google features that you don’t know before this I think.  I have shared these with my audience to update regarding the world famous service and its 10 interesting features.

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