3G and 4G auction for next-generation telecom spectrums in Pakistan.

The day has in front, 3G and 4G auction for next-generation telecom spectrum in Pakistan..

3G and 4G auction for next-generation telecom spectrums in Pakistan boost digital economy until currently bidding value of 4 licenses the first of its kind in the country – raising $1.112 billion or Rs.111 billion from the process the undefeated auction of 3G and 4G spectrum is predicted to form quite 200,000 jobs within the country’s telecommunication sector.

3G and 4G network in Pakistan
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has command that it’s finalized all the arrangements for the Spectrum Auction for Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) to be command these days.
Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone and Zong are going to be collaborating within the bid to secure their 3G and 4G licenses.
As you will recognize that bidding are going to be done electronically through internet, all the cellars companies are going to be allowed to log into the bidding system at 8AM, however, first phase of bidding can begin at 10AM.
The expiration period of every bidding circular are going to be forty five (45) minutes or less. we are going to be uploading the results and alternative statement on this live page often.
Mobile phone firms – collaborating within the bid – can bid from their offices. However, there’s an auction hall setup at Marriot Hotel in Islamabad, wherever PTA officers, members of auction committee and media are going to be gift to witness the auction.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had offered 3 bands for the 3G spectrum – with a complete offered frequency of 30MHz – and 2 bands for the 4G spectrum.

Out of the four competitors collaborating within the auction, only Zong managed to secure licenses for each 3G and 4G spectrums; the other 3 – Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone – secured only 3G licenses.

While the PTA managed to sell all 3 bands of the 3G spectrum on provide, it might  sell only one 4G license once Ufone – the only other bidder for the spectrum – was disqualified on technical grounds.

The $1.112 billion that the country has earned from the sale is simply $17 million or one.6% beyond the reserve worth of $1.095 billion for these licenses. The $210 million on account of the unsold 4G license is excluded from calculations.

“But certainly  it will usher in an era in which the country’s youth will have accesses to trendy medium services and build thousands of recent jobs,” said Minister of State for info Technology (IT) Anusha Rahman.

After the last circle of bidding, PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah proclaimed “all spectrums in 2100MHz (3G) are sold-out.”

“But we tend to might only sell one license in 1800MHz (4G) as Ufone was unable to qualify,” he said.

Shah explained that a bidder only qualified to bid for the 4G spectrum once winning a minimum 10MHz within the 3G spectrum. He supposed that despite bidding for 15MHz within the 3G spectrum, Ufone might only win 5MHz.

CMPAK restricted, higher called Zong, bid the best – $306.9 million – for a 3G license within the 10MHz band, creating it eligible for obtaining a 4G license at a base worth of $210 million. The base worth for 3G was set at $295 million.

Of the entire $1.112 billion earned by the Govt, Zong – that is fourth largest among Pakistan’s 5 existing medium players – paid $516.92 million for the 2 licenses.

“Zong is extremely excited for changing into the only party to win each 3G and 4G frequencies and can roll out the services at a quick pace,” supposed Sikandar Naqi, the advisor to the chief officer of Zong.

While Mobilink – the most important medium player within the country with twenty ninth 29% market share – additionally won a license within the 10MHz band, it opted against bidding for a 4G license.

The final 10MHz band was divided into two 5MHz slots, one amongst that was won by each Telenor and Ufone every.

Mobilink paid $300.9 million for a 3G license in 10MHz, creating it the second highest bidder. Telenor and Ufone, however, got 3G licenses at base worth, making suspicions of collusion. Ufone, by selecting to bid for 15MHz, had additionally forced PTA to interrupt one 10MHz band into 2.

Meanwhile, the PTA chairman supposed the choice to sell the last 4G license is taken before long.

“PTA’s call to not enable Ufone to bid for a 4G license once it didn’t fulfill the necessity was a decent decision… it ensured that the method remained clear,” minister Ishaq Dar supposed whereas speaking at a press conference once the auction.

Asked whether or not the PTA can forfeit the money deposited by Ufone once the medium operator won but it had bid for, Dar same the choice are taken once receiving input from the law ministry.

‘Govt earned over it expected’

Talking to reporters, the minister supposed the Govt had earned over it had at first calculable.

He supposed the Govt might still earn a minimum of Rs50 billion additional from the last remaining 4G license, additionally to the Rs111 billion it had earned from the sale already. An additional license is additionally being unbroken for a brand new entrant, he added.

Dar supposed the govt, by with success conducting the auction, has established that it’s the power to meet the guarantees it’s created to the state. He also supposed the introduction of recent medium technologies can produce many thousands of recent jobs in telecommunication sector of Pakistan.

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