Amazon Product Sell On Ebay – Drop Shipping From Amazon To Ebay

Today, I am going to talk about Amazon product sell on eBay – EBay drop shipping. Have recently seen some new interest and eBay drop shipping, So, I thought to be great opportunity for you and talked a little bit about this and discuss it so for those, who view that are familiar. EBay is considered like the largest online garage sale, affiliate markets what I all rolled into one right. So, anything you’re looking for anything could possibly think whether it’s brand new or used. You pretty much guaranteed to find it on eBay and because of that now there’s such a huge a market here for buyers and sellers are that’s what makes eBay drop shipping possible in 10. It is so easy anybody can do this; I’m so if you’re little familiar with the buying and selling items on eBay. You know have buying and bit search items and may be they actually listed am an item or two then you’re prefect candidate to think about and doing eBay drop shipping in and let’s get into it.


Okay so, eBay drop shipping whenever we talk about that people always talk about using Amazon as the source for products or items that you’re going to sell and am because that because it is so popular. I am going to walk you through a quick example to show you, how you structure something like this okay.

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How to sell Amazon Product On Ebay – Drop Shipping From Amazon To Ebay

So, we are at the Amazon website where to look for something that and has a lot of interest so there’s large domain for that we are going to sell. I always like to go to woman’s accessories women love to look good and they love their handbags. Some work over here, let’s pick come suspect first one and we will see what it shows in the idea here is to find something on Amazon that you can purchase the here’s why let’s do this and any product like “MICHAEL KORS JET SET TRAVEL TOTE” click on it you to purchase it here on Amazon and then sell it on eBay okay.

Begin not going to do it right away let’s take a look first so that highlight this title and we are going to search for this particular product on eBay now to right now or Amazon this particular purse is a hundred and fifty dollars let’s go over to the eBay site but spaced and the description well the search Hinson’s that comes up I’m going to look for all the sold listing so and look specifically for buy it now, so we checked the sold listing here, will come up do buy it now so these ere auctions that were set up where someone sold this particular purse immediately threw a Buy it now and they got paid for great where the prices hundred ninety five $195 dollar for the purse and $239. So, disperse that you can buy on Amazon let’s go back take a look at it.

“Michael Kors Jet Set Travel tote brown” $158 dollars on Amazon and it could includes free shipping. If you go over to eBay, you see the same person “Michael kors Jet Set” medium tote brown. It’s all for 195 dollars and this is sorted by most recent for so 195 and 239 so there’s actually interest in this purse and people willing to pay these prices for that same purse the idea then is for you to goal can create your own eBay listing. You would create a listing for this purse listed as a buy it now and maybe set your price at 195, maybe two hundred dollars $239. What somebody buys it from you when you go over to the Amazon site now you add it to your cart and now you purchase it but when you ship it. You don’t ship it to yourself you ship it to the person that bought it from you on eBay. That is internet show how this works okay so let’s look at what we just discussed

Sell Amazon Product On Ebay – Drop Shipping From Amazon To Ebay

  • Find products on Amazon that cost less than EBay.

So for example we used that term designer purse and so that’s what you want to look for so the price you pay rent on Amazon is going to be less than the price on eBay and that’s the perfect scenario.

Okay what you find that did you go ahead and you list that product on eBay create

  • List product on EBay.

You create an auction and you listed for sale on eBay but you have not purchased anything yet. Now

  • Someone buys product from your auction.

What somebody seizure auction they go ahead and they purchase it from you. So, they are going to pay the 195 to buy it from you on heating at that point. you have the money you go ahead and you turn around in you or that same product from Amazon so you pay the 150$ to Amazon and then have them ship it directly to your buyer

  • You order product from Amazon and they ship directly to your buyer.

At that point you close up sale and you get to keep the difference and you keep the difference and your profit $37.

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Next Steps

  1. Search Amazon for products that are less expensive than EBay.
  2. If needed create you EBay account
  3. Create auction for your product.
  4. Start Making Money!

And then to start making money make plan take action start living your dream.

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