Google Adsense Approval and Mistakes by Bloggers

Here, I am talking about one of the most conversational topic that is about Google Adsense approval. So, I seen many young bloggers have confusion about getting Adsense approval and they get very depressed and demotivated, when their Adsense does not get approved. May of them actually quite blogging because they think, they can’t make money, if they don’t get approval of Google Adsense.
1st things, you can always make money without Google Adsense Approval but not let’s gets there. Here, I am explaining some of the key points that will ensured that you will always get approval of Google Adsense. Details key points given below.

Google Adsense Approval and Mistakes by Bloggers

1) Use a standard plate form that is be it BlogSpot and be it WordPress. Now when you are using WordPress then you use self-hosted WordPress can’t use When you are using BlogSpot. It’s perfect. Blogspot is very good plate form.

2) The first thing, which you have take care of is a user quality design. What is the major mistake that we do is we want to make our blog look very fancy. You don’t have to do that. You have to blog look very professional and have to show your seriousness. There are many professional looking templates is out there, you just need to search for it. And if you have money, you can spend on that and if you don’t have money, no problem there are many free templates out there for blogspot and for WordPress. Use a good template and make your side bar don’t look spammy, don’t bombed it with lots of widgets like irrelevant widgets or etc. keep it minimal stacks, keep it like subscription, social media icons and recent blog posts. Don’t bombard with lots of widgets.

3) 2nd if you are using blogspot plate form make sure, you are using the custom domain name. Well its services many advantage when you show your professionalism and 2nd make your domain easy to remember.

4) 3rd somehow, I mean, things from reader prospective and adsense review prospective. They seen you’re using the custom domain and they kind of like it.

5) 4th and most important is the quality of your contents. So, one of the major mistake we do, when we start a blog that we write very small and short content that is 100 words, 200 words and most of the contents are not original. Don’t do that and constraint. Read about blogging. How to write the quality content then start writing. Try to make your content at least 300 to 400 words. Now one of the most important things is to use original images. don’t just copy, past the Google images search and start using on your blog because in that case Google Adsense will definitely be rejected.

6) So, the point is your content should be high quality, be original and make sure you format it very nicely. Now another which the most topics the Adsense required 6 months waiting times for many Asian publishers but that’s not true. The only things, they actually ask do wait for 6 months are because they want to blog to become quality blog. So, actually do that before 6 months because the same people getting Google Adsense approval within a month or 2 months time.
When I starting a blogging and I got an approval with 2 months old domain. So, the whole point is your website or blog look more professional and another very key point is if you are using custom domain, take advantage of professional email address. Search for tutorials on internet and then you can have a username admin with domain name. Use that email address for apply for Google Adsense that will improve your chance of getting Google Adsense approval. Follow this steps and make sure to build a quality blog and then you will get Google Adsense approval. There are also chances that you might get rejected. Do not get demotivated again apply just a figure out a reason, why you are rejected.

7) Do remember, by the end, Google Adsense wants you. Once you have blog, you have to grow there. They have to advertiser; they need of advertiser and also need of blogs. So, the point is if you not getting the approved, I think you’re doing something wrong. So, all of you need to do to figure out a way, fix it and go ahead.

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If you still feel any question/problem/concern then you definitely comes into the comment section, here I am waiting your kind or cool reply and also give you useful feed back there. So, soon meet in comment section.

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