Google analytics: How to install Google analytics

Well, I am going to show you quickly have to setup Google Analytics on your blog or website. Now if you’ve never setup Google analytics before, it’s really see all you have to do is to go to Google dot com forward slash analytics. There is saying you have a Gmail address, you should be able to access Google analytics and here are my sites and what you want to do is going on here to the top right and clicks on Admin.  You’ve got three columns here an account property and profile you’ve got a choice here whether to make a new account for a new property if you’ve creating & analytics account for clients then you might want to think about creating your account. I’m doing it for me that am real account. Someone going to create a new property, if you click here as create new property at the button, so here new property.

How to use google analytics

We want to check a website and we want universal analytics. All you have to do is clean the website name. let’s get it there paste in its proper name, category isn’t important and you can’t select your time zone click on button at the bottom and get tracking ID, So here is all-important tracking ID and all you have to do is to put this code here on every page of your website that you want to track. So, copy that’s and I’ll show you had to do that on your WordPress website.

How to setup google analytics

If you have wordpress website, you haven’t got wordpress Genesis you can just put it in to your seem by adding it to head a PHP or force a PHP see here anyway this is about Genesis so he go into Genesis theme setting down at bottom. You have header and footer scripts and ID advise you to places and co-head so they’re guys since the header and will save settings. Now if we were a fresh and have looked at the HTML if the page, we shall see the checking code that we just put in and their access.

If you feel any confusion? Then I’m here, watch the online urdu video tutorials below:

Setting up google analytics, analytics setup and help

Sir let’s go back to Google Analytics and said let’s go back so we could go on click on reporting and theirs is nothing left to says at the moment but there will be in a couple a days’ time okay just a few days later then what we can do is honing in on the last two or three days and we see we have had some businesses 3 on Friday and six on Saturday. You can also look at the hourly visitors and now show much better analytics but if you want to set a goal to admin if you click goals that you can set a goal which could be a checkout page for a product purchase but on the report side you can look at acquisitions to see where the traffic is coming from. This case it’s mostly direct although this search engine traffic comes from Google or something and referral which means it comes from a link from another site. Anyway hope that show about setting up Google Analytics. Thanks very much

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