Google Chrome Extension translator offers Automatic Translation.

Official Google chrome extension translator in chrome, web store has got an inform.It currently allows you to translate designated text in a page (that is not in your primary language). You either has to be compelled to click on translate icon otherwise, you will right click on the highlighted text and selected ‘Google Translate’ for that to happen. To translate the full page using Google chrome extension, you wish to click on the translate icon on the Google chrome toolbar.

1. Google Translate for Google+ e.g. Google Chrome Extension
Google isn’t about to integrate Google Translate service into Google+ instead they free Google Translate for Google+ Chrome extension that is obtainable for download from Google Chrome internet web store. This extension interprets Google + posts & comments in alternative languages to English.

Using Google Translate for Google+
Download and install this extension for Google Chrome, refresh Google+ page if you are already signed-in. Translate button seems blow for non-English posts, click Translate button and translated text are shown highlighted.  You will revert back to original text by clicking Show Original button blow the post.

2. Google Chrome Extension Translator with pop-up translations.
Google Chrome extension Translator offers the choice to automatically show translation for the text highlighted during a popup. To allow this, visit Google chrome extension choices, for ‘Pop-up translations:’ choose ‘Immediately show popup’ and click on ‘Save’ button.


Google Chrome Extension translator offers Automatic Translation for the Highlighted Text.

From currently onward, whenever you highlight a chunk of text –that is not in your language- translated text is displayed within the same page.

Google dictionary and Google chrome extension translate bring In-line translation of words and web page for Firefox.

Yesterday, we have enclosed right click’s translate Google chrome extension permits to translate designated text on a page.Google Dictionary and Google Chrome Extension Translate Firefox add-on allows user to translate something on a page. This add-on permits translating highlighted word/phrase or interprets whole page to English.

In-line Translation

After putting inGoogle Dictionary and Google Chrome Extension Translate, if user chooses a word or phrase, a popup is shown with the means from Google Dictionary in English language, popup also will contains a lot of link that ends up in full definition at Google Dictionary web site.

User may also ready to hover the mouse pointer on word or phrase by pressingCtrl key.

Page Translation
User will ready to translate whole page by clicking “Translate Page” from Tools menu.

Google Dictionary and Google Translate
Download Google Chrome Extension Translator from Chrome Web Store.

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