Google Webmaster Tools Urdu Video Tutorials.

Today we will learn about the Google Webmaster Tools. Webmaster Tools is an important tool for each and every Webmasters. It is completely free of cost. Using of Google Webmaster Tools, we can push up our website’s visitors. We can send our website sitemap to Google through this marvelous tool that is called Google Webmaster tools. This can remove, point out errors and defect in our website.

Google is a search engine. People use Google as a search engine does. So our topic today is Google Webmaster Tools but I shall mention here some of the other Google services which is also reasonable.  Google’s basis was laid in 1998, and then gradually became Google a huge cooperation.Google-Webmaster-Tools

Google’s popular services are listed below.

1) Google Webmaster Tools

2) Google Analytics Tools

3) Google Chrome Browser

4) Google Awards

5) Google Adsense

6) Google Apps

7) Google Docs

8) Google+ Plus

9) Google Talk

10) Blogger

11) Feedburner

12) Picasa

13) YouTube

14) Gmail

Google Webmaster Tools Online Urdu Video Tutorials.

Our topic today is Google Webmaster Tools. For every webmasters which I think is still the most important tool of traffic, our website can bring through this? If our website properly lay through this tool properly. And properly submits to Google, so Google will be indexed quickly as possible.

When your site will be indexed in Google, Search engine will bring traffic to your website automatically.

If anyone doesn’t use Google Webmaster Tools or that tool doesn’t follow the guidelines, so I do not become a good webmaster and got failure in blogging’s. If you do not use Google Webmaster tools still, you will fail in both traffic and SEO.

Today we will start a regular learning of Google We master Tools. First you must have a Gmail account. Your Gmail account is associated with all Google services.

When you login to any Google service with Gmail account then no need login again and again. It is associated with each Google Service.

I will try here to provide complete training of Google Webmaster Tools e.g. GWT in Urdu. This topic is very vast. May be covered in series of online Urdu video tutorials which is my core aims to provide knowledge to especially Urdu lovers as well as English.


I’m getting happy to hear your feedback in the shape of voice, comments and emails. And what is your thinking about Google Webmaster Tools. After watching this training series of Google Webmaster tool, let me know and welcome in comment section.

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