How to share link on Facebook, Twitter automatically.

How to share link on Facebook, twitter automatically are the most popular platform for blog/website to collect some traffic on them. These are needed to develop the commitment of individuals on social networks that basically cares concerning your content. After I post one thing on my blog and website i exploit to share this on my Facebook page and tweet it on twitter. However this is often awfully tangled way, first post the update on twitter, then share link on your Facebook page so on your Facebook standing to indicate your updates to your Facebook friends. That is why there’s the requirement to automate this method. In this post I’m talking concerning this automation.Now ahead once you post one thing on your blog or website, It wills automatically publish or how share a link on Facebook Page and on your Facebook status and tweets are created automatically on twitter. You just want to track some simple steps e.g. how to share link on Facebook.
how to share link on facebook   You just want to track some simple steps e.g. how to share link on Facebook:

1. First Create your blog or website feeds that wish to how to share link on facebook.

  • Login to the Google Feed Burner
  • Add your blog’s or website address to it.
  • Identify all of your website or blog’s feeds and you are finished.

 2.  Publish Website or Blog feeds to Twitter as Tweet

how to share link on facebook • Login To Google Feed burner once more and choose your Google feed burner feed for your Website or Blogs.

• Now click on Publicize Tab.
• Click on Socialize on Left Sidebar.
• Socialize Settings can return up and click on Publish a Twitter account button.
• Twitter window can open, login to that Twitter username and password.
• Follow the steps and verify your twitter account with Google Feed burner.
• Now, once your twitter account is fixed to Google Feed burner, your blog’s new updates are automatically published on Twitter on behalf of you.

3.  Publish Website or Blog feeds on Facebook Page Automatically e.g how to share link on Facebook.

how to share link on facebook   • Login to Facebook account e.g. username and password you have used.

• Search for “RSS Graffiti” App on Facebook and click on Go to App button.
• Click on Add new publication setup and name it.
• RSS Graffiti Setting can open.
• Now, click on Add a New Source button.
• Now in Feed setup, add Feed Title (your blog name) and Google Feed Burner feed URL (Uniform Resource Locator).
• Now click on save changes and switch on the publication setup.
• In Target aspect, choose your Facebook Page as Target and Publish on behalf of.

4. Website or Blogs also updates on your Facebook status.

• Once again Go to RSS Graffiti app on Facebook.
• Click on Add new publishing plan and name your new plan.
• Follow the given steps excluding target side.
• In Target side, select Facebook User as Target and as Publish on Behalf of.
• Click on save and switch on the publishing. Now once you created a brand new post on your website or blogs, it’ll automatically published on Facebook page and news feed and on Twitter also.

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