How to write SEO Optimized Post, article for WordPress.

 How to write SEO Optimized Post, article for WordPress.

Are you finding it troublesome in ranking higher on search engines? The important reason is as results of you’re not writing SEO optimized Posts, articles.

If you’re a blog/website author, or a duplicate author, you’ll be able to facilitate customers discover your web content or content by writing SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Content. You would like to form articles that has key terms and may facilitate customers discover your web content.

How to write a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) post on your website/blog. If you wish your content to forever position No#1 on different Search Engines. You’ll be able to check our already deliver article on SEO. You’ll be able to conjointly follow the steps given below these are the highest 10 aspects that may position your web site No#1 position.

Okay, this can be what the highest 10 components to place in each content you write.

SEO Optimized


1. Keyword title in your Post title! – Your keyword term must be enclosed within the name of your post.

2. H1 heading with keyword phrase! – Your paragraph must to be written within the largest heading size. If you’re mistreatment WORDPRESS it’s HEADING one, don’t extremely seize what it’s in blogger, however it’s truly there H1

3. Your WordPress posts, articles must be not but three hundred words e.g. 300 words. Google is currently extremely strict and its recent panda formula has upset several WebPages thus shield yourself and write quite three hundred words.

4. Link bounding – I ne’er truly savvy to mention this. This one is loving of it is crucial. Link to your already revealed articles and posts or to standard web content. Search engines merely like to follow links.

5. Add Keyword phrase to last sentence – Add your keyword phrase too the last sentence.

6. Add alt tags- whenever you add a picture in your post always add alt tags. To read about what are these click here: Adding Alt Tags

How to write SEO Optimized Post, article for WordPress.

7. Keyword Phrase in bold/strong tag – Write your keyword and daring or bold it.

8. Add Keyword phrase to 1st sentence – Add your keyword phrase to the primary sentence… If you’re targeting simply a word, then by all means that build a phrase with it.

9. H2 heading with keyword phrase! – this could be sort of a very little validation of what you’re to write down, however it must to conjointly contains the keyword phrase you’re writing regarding and conjointly must to be in HEADING two e.g. H2

10. Try and add H3 heading with keyword phrase!

How to write SEO Optimized Post, article for WordPress.

So, stay tuned with us, I will deliver to you’re a series of articles, post and in depth of these 10 points to make profession SEO course which is helpful a lot for newbie, whose search on Google, yahoo,bing regarding SEO Optimization, SEO Optimized way or path and much more. I will never ever disappoint to my viewer, reader, lover according to their demand and wishes. #Happy SEO

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