Make Money with Top Google Adsense Alternative in 2014-15

Many bloggers are in search of good adsense alternatives because they are not satisfied with adsense earning. They got some other problems like account ban, low earning and payment hold.
As all of us know that Google Adsense is one of the best network to make money online. But there are several alternatives are available to make some extra cash.
We have gathered some information for different networks; which can be used for make money online. And get some extra cash by surfing ads on our websites or blogs.

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Here are Top Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Online



1) Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the best adsense alternatives. if you have good and quality content on your blog or website. If you have western traffic on your website or blog. Infolinks is one of the best choice for you. although, you can also make money with Asian traffic as well.
Infolinks has very easy payment mode and good support for 24 hours. You can get payment from Infolinks via Payoneer, PayPal and Direct Bank transfer in your bank account.


Many reviews are available regarding This network is associated with Yahoo and Bing. Which is the most prominent Google Adsense alternative to make money via blogs and websites. As compare to Google Adsense, is is reliable and profitable for those websites which are with western world audience.

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3) Chitika

Chitika is much similar to Google Adsense. And best alternative to make money with your high quality traffic; which is coming from all over the world. Chitika allows you to serves contextual ads and one good thing in Chitika; that you are able to use it along with Adsense on your single website. If you are a starter, then Chitika is best network for you as they are offering $10 minimum payout via Paypal. You can also withdraw your earning my cheque and minimum payout is $50.

4) AOL Advertising

AOL Advertising is a premium publisher program. And another top Google Adsense alternative; which you can utilize for make money online. If your website getting high quality or premium traffic. And then you can earn big revenue from AOL Advertising.

5) ePom

If you are quiet interested in placing Google Adsense Ads on your website or blog. And then you can do this with ePom. As this is the official partner of Google Ads program and giving you a very good eCPM rates as well. If your website receiving high quality organic traffic throughout the world. And then you can qualify for placing Google Adsense ads by ePom. This could be the best alternative for make money online.

6) Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits have many features to make money. And considered as Top alternative for Google Adsense in 2014-15. This is a performance ad network. Performance Ad Network means that they only pay you for CPA. Revenue Hits also have CPM and CPC Models. This is also have another one interesting this that is they also have different type of monetization channels. Which allows you to create pop-under, sliders, buttons, banner ads and many more. Revenue Hits allows you to withdraw your payment via Paypal, Bank Wire and Payoneer.

7) BuySellAds

Your website getting high quality organic traffic. And you wish to sell ad spaces. And then BuySellAds is one of the best places for you to fulfill your wish. BuySellAds is best Google Adsense Alternative in 2014-15. You just publish your website spaces for 4 ads and wait for clients to buy your ad space. BSA allows you to withdraw your payment twice a month. BSA is a best network for make money online via your blogs and websites.

8) Adversal

If you are searching for Google Adsense alternative; which works as good as chitika. Then Adversal is a smart choice for you. Adversal have good banners rates and good image ads too along with good CTR. If your website getting minimum 50,000 pageviewer per month, then Adversal is best choice with pop-under ads. Adversal gives you the proof to earn over $1000 per month if you have good traffic and required pageviews. In short, we can say that a Adversal is best make money online network.

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