Make money on YouTube-monetize your videos.

In fact this article has covered two topics “How to monetize your YouTube videos”, and make money on YouTube and “How to get hosted adsense approval using YouTube instantly”. Take Camera?
Why do not you make money on YouTube videos?

If you have 100’s of videos in your accounts and consist of different channels; which has thousands of views then definitely you can make money on YouTube.
The folks or YouTube users who have some mobile made and homemade videos uploaded on YouTube that gets millions of views and which in turn make money on YouTube huge money. As I have started with the narrated I will cover two topics in this article “How to monetize YouTube videos” and “How to get hosted Adsense approval using YouTube”.


1.How to monetize your YouTube videos.
Alright, let us start from scratch to make money on YouTube. You have two things to monetize your YouTube videos to make money on YouTube.

  1. Google account – will you have one account AND
  2. Videos to upload – Be patience, do not be worry, if you have not any single video to upload, there are multiple free video making software’s, you can buy it online that assist you to make and edit videos easily.

Sign in to you YouTube account and clicking the drop down thumbnail image at the top right corner and you can see YouTube settings in there you check option e.g. “Allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos” and under to that you can see “Additional features” click on view additional features and you can be taken to your YouTube channels settings.


Make money on YouTube – How to monetize your YouTube videos.

You can see monetization features in turn to enable monetization to make money on YouTube, you want to validate your account and your will see “verify” link in account status. Once validated your monetization feature could be enabled and you could be seeing advertisements displaying in your videos channels.

Now you feel free to like; it is all done about that, but it is not. There is one more option that is click on monetization and from multiple options, you can choose “How will I be Paid” from click on “associating adsense account” using YouTube account.

2.How to gets hosted AdSense approval using YouTube instantly?

You may feel that why I made this topic on e.g. gets hosted AdSense approval using YouTube instantly?
The cause is still many website owners and bloggers are weary of getting a hosted AdSense account; which is one well source to monetize the websites. Make money on YouTube is very fascinating way to getting earning.

You will make a new adsense account from your YouTube account. It is simple and you can get immediate approval within a day with just one video uploaded.

In monetization, you can see how I be paid? Click and you can see a link associate an adsense account. Proceed with that link and follow the steps to make an adsense account. Once you’re YouTube hosted adsense you done and its time your account could be reviewed and approved within 5 to 24 hours. Make money on YouTube is real way to monetize videos; If do not believe this practice please see the picture above.


  1. Read carefully, the YouTube monetization rules and plan that support, you to know, what type of videos will be monetized? And how get started YouTube Partner.
  1. One time get approval, you are unable to use this account advertisement to your website and blog. Bother that you want to verify your website and if Google AdSense team found your website to be practical then you can get approval for your blog.

Making money on YouTube is profitable for anyone.  If you know how to develop a video, then you can make money on YouTube. Some of the top videos are just folk’s do not regular things and then monetizing the videos with YouTube’s built in features. What a great way to make money on YouTube. Some of these folks are making hundreds of thousands in real make money on YouTube each year.  Now, get your creative juices flowing and starting making money on YouTube!

Wish you learn make money on YouTube, monetize your YouTube videos and gets hosted AdSense approval using YouTube.
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