Make Money Online with Flattr by Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Have you ever read a Facebook post and liked it so much that you wanted to pay for it? Or perhaps you saw a gorgeous picture on instagram and wish to reward the uploader with more than just liking that picture? Preferably in cash? Well, the good news is that Flattr makes this a reality.
With Flattr, you can tip the uploader of a picture. Or the writer of a blog on Facebook. Or the one who shares an informative tweet and encourage them to come up with even better material. Flattr also offers you the opportunity to earn money through getting your Facebook posts. Your instagram pictures or videos or your twitter tweets liked by other users of Flattr. This works great for comedians or people who make workout videos. You can earn a lot of money through instagram, Facebook and twitter as well. This way, all while working from home.


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Make Money Online with Flattr by Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How does this work?

When you register for a Flattr account. you can set a specified budget every month. When you like, star, and favorite a page, video and picture. Flattr will use your budget to pay the creators of the content. At the end of the month all the users, who’s posts you have liked will receive money from your flattr account.
Flattr itself takes 10 percent from your budget as commission. If you are an author of unique content. Then simply link up your social media account with flattr, And post great content. You will be rewarded by other flattr members who like or favorite your content. It is a great way to make money online with your Facebook, twitter and instagram pages.
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How to set it up?

1) You can use flattr in two primary ways. If you wish to make money online with your Facebook, instagram and twitter content. Then join flattr as a creator. However, if you wish to support the work of talented creators, join flattr as a supporter.
2) Link up your Flattr account with your social media account. Flattr supports Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Sound cloud, vimeo and Glithub. You can use Flattr with one and all of these accounts if you have them.
3) Find other flattr members. You can only be paid by other flattr members. If you don’t have a flattr account and someone with a flattr account likes your posts, you will not get paid. For this reason, you can invite your friends to flattr who will expand the network and thus maximise your earning potential.
4) Add money to your Flattr budget by using a credit or debit card. The budget amounts are low and you can set up a budget amount for multiple months.
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Flattr is a great way for you to support the work of talented content creators. It is also a unique and easy way to make money online with your Facebook, Instagram or twitter. Start using it today for maximum earning potential.

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