Make Money Online using top 5 ways – earn money online

Many women and ladies are looking for work at home, because it is bit difficult for women to go out for work so they just looking for work that could be done by home. Many academic women and girls are looking for make money online from home, not even girls or ladies, many men and boys are also interested in work by home because many of us could get extra time for our home base job.

So in this regards, i have decided to clarify some ways to make money to those women. And ladies who are looking for home base job or wish to make money online. In nowadays, women and ladies are more independent as compared to about 25 to 30 years back, especially in developing countries.

Well, i am blogging from a long time and i just notice one thing that female’s trend to making money online is getting fame day by day, i personally suggest to work at home or make money online to those ladies who just got married or have kids and feeling difficult to work from any office place or offline, so it’s better to these kinds of women that they select to make money online via internet or get the internet employment.

Especially for those women who are married and getting tired by their routine work at home, so just get yourself ready for work online, this is the best opportunity for you to re-utilize your skills and abilities and get some extra cash to support your family and to have a luxurious life.

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So just switch off your Television for a while and focus to your bank balance, your bank will be thankful to you later. This is just simple as it does not need any investment; you just have an internet connection and a personal computer or laptop. I’m going to explore the Top 5 Ways of Make Money Online for those house ladies who are just wasting your time and abilities at home.




Make money online using top 5 ways – earn money online

1- Article Writing or Content Writing:

If you are good in English vocabulary, and have potential to write about any topic or subject, so Article Writing or Content Writing is a tremendous way for you to make money online. Content writing is really an efficient way to make money via internet. You just make sure that you are good in English Grammar and writing skills are best to write on any topic.

Search on Google, you will get good platforms to become a content writer or author, like Freelancer.Com, Odesk.Com and Fiverr.Com are the best platforms, just sign up there and make your profile, then bid on different projects which are posted in the category of wring. If your proposal is best from everyone, definitely you will get job to do that project and you will get an handsome amount for doing that job. You can also find your writing customers or clients on Facebook.Com as well.

Writing is not so tough as you are thinking, You just need to take information from internet and write that information in your own words. Like this article which you are reading. If you are not good in English Grammar, so don’t worry about this, just search on Google, you will get a lot of courses for making your English Grammar Good.

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2- Online Tuting:

What are your specializes? in which subject you are expert? Now the trend has been changed, you have to start an Online Tuition Center, or Online Tuition Academy. This is just an amazing idea to get more students from all over the world. If you are good in Programming, then start teaching programming online. If you are good in Quran Teaching, So you can start a Quran Teaching online or some local coaching courses like English Grammar, Biology Courses, Chemistry Courses, Computer Programming Courses, as teaching online is getting fame in whole world. Mostly parents does not like to send their kids to any academy, they mostly prefer to hire a tutor at their own house. So it is very good for those parents as well who wish to hire a tutor for their kids at their own home so they can now hire an online tutor for their kids.

You need to have a website regarding this topic, and get registered on Facebook or some local classifieds to get some students. You can also hire some lecturers and pay them to solve some problems of your students.  You can teach your students via Skype Video Calling, Screen Sharing with Team Viewer or Live Chat.  In start, you will be able to earn about $300 to $600 monthly, and this is an attractive package to make money online in start.

Make money online using top 5 ways – earn money online

3- Graphic Designing, Logo, Banner:

Ladies are more creative in Graphics Designing; they mostly have a creative mind. This is another great opportunity to make money online for those ladies who have a creative mind and graphics designing skills. A skilled graphics designer is earning about $2k to $3k monthly.

If you are good in making some Websites Logo or Advertising Banners, then you can make this amount for you as well. In different surveys, its shows that about up to 70% are females in fashion designing field. Females have a good potential in designing. You just need to use Photoshop, Coral Draw or any other graphics designing tool to make some Graphics, Logo or Banners for any one. Just find your clients online at Freelancer.Com, Facebook, Community Forums, Fiverr and Odesk.Com or you can also visit your nearest Software Park to get some work and start make money online.

Graphic Designers are demanding high day by day, so you have to focus on your skills and make sure that you can do your best in this field. Website trend is very up in now a days, so you have to be focused on any website development team or company, they must be give order to you for logo design of their website or for some advertisement banners for their website promotion on internet.

If you don’t have Graphics Designing Skills, so you don’t need to worry, just find some tutorials on Google as Google is your best friend. You are able to learn Coral Draw, Photoshop or any other graphics software tool via online courses which you can use without spending any cash.

4- Blogging, Affiliate Marketing:

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online for all housewives, this is just simple and straightforward way to work from home and get some cash. However, Blogging need some hard work and some special attention in start. If you are good in any kind of topic like technology, politics, fashion, fitness, medical or any kind of subject, you can start your own blog.

Well now let me tell you little bit about blogging, this is basically your public diary which you can use to share your views and your knowledge to others and also could be used for make money online. Many affiliate marketing programs are available in market who wish to advertise their ads with your blog. If you have good traffic on your blog, then you can earn an handsome amount via internet.

Can you imagine that a man who have a blog of fashion and earning about $3000 monthly? Yes, Its true. You also have some knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for getting some organic traffic on your blog. Whenever user search any keyword related to your blog , so he or she possibly able to find your blog topic on Google and will browse your blog, then you will get paid by affiliate marketing advertisers or for those ads, which you are surfing on your own blog.

Make money online using top 5 ways – earn money online

5- Fiverr Gigs:

What is Gig? And What is Fiverr? Let me clear both things to you, Gig is a state to any service or work which you are doing in market with minimum amount like $5 or $10, and Fiverr is a platform and a mini freelancing website where you can start your gigs and make money online.

Just sign up at Fiverr.Com and make your profile and then start a gig like “I Will Write Unique 500 Words Article for $5” or “I will Make Your Website Logo For $5” or anything which you are expert in. You can also brows the different groups at Fiverr to get a lot of ideas regarding different gigs. Fiverr offers you an opportunity to make money online and bring luxurious in your life.

These 5 ways of making money online are very famous in now a days in Pakistan or any other country in the world. Ladies, just get ready to start your own business at home and become a regular earner in life. These five ways of make money online give you a chance of earning about $1500 to $3000 monthly by working from home. So what are you waiting for? Just start your work right now and rock the world.

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