Make Money Online With Tumblr – you can make money using tumblr


Tumblr is a social media network that has a great potential if you wish to make money online. Using simple tips and tricks, you can use many ways to make money with Tumblr. You do not need to make any investment and go anywhere. You can work from home and there are many money making ideas that can be applied to Tumblr. Here we will discuss some of the most popular and easiest ways you can use to earn money online with Tumblr.

Make Money Online With Tumblr

Ad platforms

You can monetize your tumblr content by linking your tumblr account with Google Adsense, or other ad platforms that are alternative to Google Adsense. This is the most popular wayto make money online, and can be used effectively to make money with Tumblr. Moreover, if you use adsense on your YouTube account, then you can post your YouTube videos to Tumblr to make some extra money online. You can also sell adspace on Tumblr just like you would do on any other blog. This will allow you to earn extra money online.

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– Reviews
You can write reviews for popular websites that actually pay for them. One such website is They have a lucrative associate programme which allows you to earn money online by writing reviews on the products that are sold on the website. If you sell products of your own, you can share the best reviews for your own products on Tumblr and offer a link to your products. This includes the best testimonials that your customers write about your products. Sharing all of this will help you push your own products through Tumblr as well. That way you will earn a lot of money using Tumblr.

– Sell your own products

If you have a product or service that you can offer on Tumblr, you can earn money for it. This is especially true if you have services such as templates and layouts for Tumblr pages. You can sell these at Tumblr ThemeGarden. It is an effective way to earn money with Tumblr. Apart from this you can earn money online with Tumblr by posting pictures of your works of art or design and providing links to them. You can also use Fivver to post Gigs for helping people out with setting up their Tumblr pages. All of these are unique money making ideas from selling your own products or services with Tumblr.

Make Money Online With Tumblr

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There are many other ways which you can use to make money online while just sitting at home and browsing through Tumblr. For an even more comprehensive list of things you can do to make some extra money online, google how to make money with Tumblr for some great money making ideas.

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