Make Money Online With Twitter by Easy Ways


Unlike the western world. Teens in Pakistan, do not have many ways to earn money. However, this is changing fast due to the many ways; you can make money online. One of the most effective ways is to earn money with Twitter. Twitter is a very popular social media network and is used all around the world by millions of people. This gives you the potential to earn extra money using twitter.
The following are some of the ways you can make money with twitter.

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Make Money Online With Twitter by Easy Ways

– Contests

Businesses all over the world hold some sort of contests as part of their promotional campaigns. Luckily, you have the option to make money with twitter using the promotional contests offered by businesses. Find a local business and offer to set up a promotional contest for them on your Twitter page. This will allow you to earn extra income from home as well as build a client base in the businesses that you sponsor.

– Sponsored tweets

This is an ad platform for twitter users, where advertisers will let you sponsor their tweets, in exchange for money paid to you for every click made on your sponsored tweets. You need to have a minimum of 50 followers, 100 tweets. And your twitter account needs to be at least 60 days old in order for you to become eligible for sponsored tweets.

– Crowd sourcing

This is when you gather ideas and contributions from a large group of people. It is a great marketing tool and can help you gather many useful ideas for doing business. If you link up with a business, and crowd source for them, you get paid for it. Before trying to earn money on twitter with crowd sourcing, make sure you read up on it so you get it right.

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Make Money Online With Twitter by Easy Ways

– Selling products

Selling products can be a great way to earn money online with twitter. All you need is something to sell. And you can direct your followers to the page where they can buy your products. Do not over do this ad you will be marked as a spammer. Doing this once in a while is alright and will actually get you some extra money while working from home.

– Make videos with YouTube

You can make informational or entertainment videos on YouTube and post them on your twitter page. Link up an AdSense account to your twitter, YouTube. you will be able to make money with twitter while simply making some nice and funny videos.

– Produce a twitter related service

You can make extra money online by developing a service or sharing some cool twitter tricks with your audience. Anything that helps twitter users make their profile better, can actually allow you to make money online.

– Find new leads

You can earn some extra income with twitter by finding new leads.Simply look through your followers and see what people are looking for. You can also search for leads by searching for specific terms such as “want an article written”etc. This way you can contact the person and offer them your services in exchange for making money online.

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