Make Money Online with Twitter Using Advertising Networks


The social media has become a part of every human’s life, provided they have access to it. People have accounts on multiple social networks such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn just to name a few. Due to the economic downturn a number of people have stopped placing advertisements on Twitter Advertising Network. It can become very frustrating if you do not get even a single ad for months. To avoid this people need to have as many references as possible. To help people with twitter accounts to make online money we have collected a number of twitter advertising network, on which you can register and receive commission.

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Make Money Online with Twitter Using Advertising Networks

  1. . Be-A-Magpie

This is one of the many Twitter Advertising Networks; they offer pay per click, pay per sale pay per tweet and pay per lead advertisements. Apart from this they also offer referrals service. It places relevant advertisements in the form of tweets along with your existing tweets

  1. Twitter ads

Twitter ads Advertising Network offers ad, pay-per-tweet and pay per click because since a friend of mine registered with them, she has no money on them, because not all ads that offers to its account. At the moment the payment system they are using is Pay per Opportunity, where you have to sell your background, it would allow you to advertise 3 tweets on your twitter account for a particular time.

  1. is another twitter advertising network; it offers payment to only pay per tweet twitter account holder. They also had a referral program; however it was closed in 2010. However this network mostly carters to high end advertisers, which wants to connect celebrities and other high-end Twitter users.

  1. Adcause twitter

It requires you to place an ad with complete description, duration, frequency and price. If the people are interested in the ad they would pay you to place the ad on your twitter account.

  1. Pay4tweet

This network pays you on the basis of tweets, which appear on your Twitter account, and the advertisers pay you directly by transferring money to your Paypal account.

  1. Sponsored tweet

They offer the user two types of ads, pay per click and pay per tweet. They send you all the payment directly to your Paypal account. It is a productive way to make money  online with Twitter.

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Make Money Online with Twitter Using Advertising Networks

  1. Mylikes

This Twitter Advertising Network offers only pay per click, this means the more clicks you can generate for the ads to your twitter account the more you can make money online with twitter. For those of you who have a low number of followers MyLikes is the place for you; and you only need five clicks at most to add money to your Paypal account.

  1. Tweet bucks

Tweet a buck allows you to make money online with twitter by using affiliate links, tweet bucks will pay you a portion of the earnings per sale.

When you sign up to these networks, the chance of a third party taking a portion of your earnings, this will result in you earning more money online.

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