Broadband plus Evo 3G modem PTCL Introduces new equipment with superb features.

PTCL introduces new DSL broadband plus Evo 3G modem equipment with superb features. Introduces new digital subscriber line DSL broadband plus Evo 3G modem equipment, with 3G Evo router, wireless and USB 3.0 support. Its 10 wonderful new options a number of that I already understand and a few of that I failed to understand. I’m during a Network field for the last 10 years and use several others modems and routers like Sysco & Linksys, UBNT and TPLink, however never seen such stunning device like this.

DSL Broadband plus Evo 3G Modem

PTCL DSL broadband AN1020-25u modem amazing features:
• ADSL modem.
• 3G Evo router.
• Wireless N 150mbps 20/40mhz.
• IPTv via wifi works like a charm.
• USB storage server 3.0.
• Wirelss print server.
• Guest WiFi SSID.
• Good for SOHO.
• Supports USB 3.0.
• Multicast upto 4 WiFi networks at a time.

Broadband plus Evo 3G modem PTCL introduces new equipment with superb features.

Note that every one PTCL EVO supported modem’s default username is “admin” but the password is not an admin.Thus notice the default “password” from the MAC address of router. The last 5 digits of MAC address are the default “password” of the router. PTCL EVO 3G wireless broadband is Pakistan’s quickest wireless internet that offers its customers – “superior 3G internet experience”.

EVO wireless broadband is allowing the wireless broadband revolution in west Pakistan with flexibility to ramble freely like ne’er before. PTCL EVO has revolutionized the approach folks hook up with the web by providing true quality.

PTCL EVO is presently providing its services in additional than eighteen cities on EVO technology providing hurries up to three 1 Mbps. PTCL EVO provides its customers the advantage of nation wide roaming with seamless internet property across west Pakistan. The coverage of EVO is not restricted to eighteen cities as EVO customers will get pleasure from CDMA-1X information rates of up to 153.6 Kbps at quite a thousand destinations across west Pakistan.

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  • Aoa sir can u tel me about how i can block wifi service any mobile or PC that some people know my wifi pasword but i can,t change password.?

    • Dear Asad, Changing password is an authentic and approve way to secure wifi from others. however another tips to secure are given below..
      1) Enable encryption on your access point
      2) Set secure password.
      3) Change the Service Set Identifier e.g SSID default name.
      4) Use MAC address filtering
      5) Disable remote login

      and much more

  • Muzaffar Kirmani

    Can u plz tell me how to use Wireless print server of this DSL modem

    • Thanks for visiting…. i will post complete article on “Use Wireless print server of PTCL DSL Modem” very soon.

      • Ali Hadi

        Use Wireless print server of PTCL DSL Modem I am seeking the same topic I have HP laserjet 1081 I need to connect it to my PTCL router to make it WIFI!!

        • Hi!
          Try my level best to publish a post regarding your problem soon. stay tuned with us!!

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