Top 5 ways to earn internet money with video tutorial in urdu-hindi.

I warmly introduce the top 10 ways to earn internet money. Here are multiple ways to get earning from internet as called internet money. Every people wants earning to meet their basic necessities and internet money making is a professional and technical way to boost your career. I have these practical ways of internet earning. So, I have decided to share with online community to get learn it first and be practical to start internet money.

1.Google Adsense (Top Rated business domain)
3.Youtube (Video Monetization)
4.Domain Parking
5.Affiliate marketing


Top 5 ways to earn internet money with video tutorial in urdu-hindi.

This is easy online earning ways so i will completely guide you one by one. Now start introduction of his online earning money ways.

One by one I will completely guide you; the easy online internet money earning ways. Let us start to introduce all easy earning ways of internet money.


Google AdSense is very popular and top earning giver program of Google Adward. This is very high extensive revenue Google Adward program. This program allows the publisher, which blog meet the all Google Adward requirements to paste Google Ads on blog and website. If you are willing to join this valuable program to earn internet money. First you will develop responsive theme website using HTML5, CSS3, WordPress or PHP & MySQL etc. then also read Google AdSense program policy carefully to avoid and inconvenience.


Infolinks is an alternative program of Google Adward program. This is low revenue program and also it’s polices are not strict as compare to Google AdSense. If you cannot meet the Google AdSense program then best possibility for you. Submit your blog to infolinks and verify through uploading the code given by infolinks. Finally they consider you publisher.


YouTube is a major video sharing website as you know very well. YouTube is also Google product. When YouTube get popularity, then YouTube start to attract their user to start YouTube Hosted AdSense Account. YouTube account holder make videos on different topics and get hits in turn YouTube paid to them. In this way people earn internet money from YouTube.


Domain parking or domain reserving is the new type of internet business. In this program, first you purchase a domain then park this domain on when people click on the parked domain the system Bodis pay the domain owner. This is also smart way of earning internet money.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of earning internet money. In this program you can sale product of different companies; they affiliate with you or hire you as marketer. If you made sale they give you commission.

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    All ways of making money online are real and practical. You may take action and get real money from internet. nice post. keep it up.

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